homemade vapor rub

Homemade Vapor Rub

I never realized that something as simple as homemade vapor rub would make me so completely happy. The Blow household is under the weather… in a major way. It’s a lot of work when one person gets sick, because it begins to spread; making its way from one person to the next. Michael brought it home from work and now we’re suffering from his generosity. A family that gets sick together, stays together… right?

During this time of suffering and misery our busy life is on hold. The baby refused to eat all day yesterday. It was nothing short of painful to watch her cry, knowing there wasn’t anything that anyone could do. She isn’t alone either, everyone has high fevers making it difficult to move let alone be awake. I had a feeling this one was going to do a number on us, so I cleared our calendar for the week. Not that it was an easy choice to make. When we get behind by a week… there is a lot of catch-up that haunts us in the weeks that follow.

This sweet little girl, who is nearly impossible to keep still, has spent most of this week in this beanbag chair watching everything from Frozen to the Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. She is spoiled… that’s for sure! Being the baby has its perks.


She looks peaceful and clean in the picture, but this week is anything but clean and peaceful. Day and night, especially when I’m feeling exhausted, weak and miserable, she has needed my help. Of course I’m there for her, without restraint and during all hours of the night, because I love her.

Through all of this my older kids are a huge blessing. Equally as miserable, they are helping out during the day. When I just need to lay down for a moment, one of them is able to pitch in and help out. My oldest daughter even cleaned the kitchen, without me asking. She just knew that it needed it be done. This mama couldn’t be more proud.

homemade vapor rub

Whenever we are all sick like this, my first go to is my container of homemade vapor rub. It’s all natural and organic, so I know that my children aren’t being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. I also don’t have to worry about over using it either. When I’m rubbing it on the baby, she likes to get her hands in it and help, and I know it’s not going to harm her.

Homemade Vapor Rub

1/4 cup Coconut Oil
10+ drops peppermint essential oils

Simply melt the coconut oil on medium low heat. Once the coconut oil is melted, add the peppermint essential oils. I prefer it to be much stronger, but some people might be more sensitive to it. Pour the melted mixture into a container that you would like to store it in and allow it to reach room temperature again. You can speed up the process by refrigerating it. Rub generously on chest and back when suffering from sinus congestion.

This mixture is soothing and penetrates congestion fast, the natural way! I hope you enjoy my homemade vapor rub as much as we do.