Crochet Flowers Pattern

Little crochet flowers are one of my favorite yarn project additions.  They are so cute and incredibly easy to make.  Simply placing a crochet flower to virtually any yarn project increases it’s “awwww how cute” factor by 100 (especially if it is made for little girls… smaller the better).

{Pair it with the Crochet Headband}

 Crochet Flowers

Materials You Will Need:

Crochet Flowers

Yarn, Scissors, Crochet Hook, Yarn Sewing Needle

The yarn I am using matches the same yarn I used in the Crochet Headband Tutorial.  These gorgeous little crochet flowers can be made from practically any yarn and will be fabulous.  Just make sure it is a yarn that will lay flat, nothing too wild and foofy.  Use the size hook that your yarn calls for.  My yarn calls for an F size hook, so that is what I am using.

Crochet Flowers


To begin chain (ch) 6 then slip stitch (sl) into first ch (shown above) to make the “doughnut” which will be the center of your flower.

Crochet Flowers Crochet Flowers

Petal 1:

ch 3; triple crochet (tr) from center of your doughnut(shown top left); ch 3; sl into center doughnut (shown top right).

Crochet Flowers

Petals 2-5:

Repeat steps in the first petal 4 more times to make the remaining petals on the flower.  I prefer 5 petals, technically speaking you can make as few or as many as you like.  More petals will obviously give you a fuller flower.


Tie ends together and weave into your petals.  This will finish off the flower so there aren’t any loose ends and will look wonderful on any project you decide to add to.  So there you have it, your finished product should look like this:

Crochet Flowers

If you are looking for a project to include this beautiful gem into, try the Crochet Headband Tutorial.  If you have made your way over from Crochet Headband Tutorial, then here is what your project should look like once your flower is added:

Crochet Flowers

What I especially love about this is that you can easily remove the flower and place a new one of a different color, without changing the headband itself.

Winnie Approved

I tried it on Winnie and this is what it looks like!  It’s so cute you can’t even tell she has a little cold 🙁  This headband is sure to put any girl in a good mood!

Crochet Flowers

I have loved sharing both the Crochet Headband and Crochet Flowers tutorials with you.  What projects have you used your Crochet Flowers on?

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