Valentines Day 2016

Hello crafters and foodies alike! Valentines Day is upon us. I am a firm believer that this is the time to put away your pocketbook and get creative. This year I wanted to get some ideas from a few other people… and not just any people… my very own amazing photography students. These teenagers are enthusiastic about photography, and I am excited to share with you what they came up with! Leave them some feedback and tell them how much you LOVE their tutorials!

Valentines Day Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you need an easy treat for a Valentine’s Day party or want to have some fun on Valentine’s night with your friends, then this is for you.

valentines day

1. Gather Ingredients. 

Using a sugar cookie mix of your choice or a recipe for homemade cookies, you will first need to gather your ingredients as well as equipment.

2. Mix Ingredients

Add your ingredients to the mixing bowl and blend them all together, which will result in a thick dough.

PicMonkey Collage 3

3. Roll Out Dough

Scatter flour on a clean surface and take a heaping handful of the dough and put on the surface. Lightly flour the rolling pin and your hands. Roll the dough out until it’s about 1/4-inch thick.

PicMonkey Collage4

4. Cut Out Cookies 

Use a cookie cutter in a heart shape and cut out the cookies. Place the cookies on a cookie sheet and place them in the oven.

PicMonkey Collage

5. Make Frosting 

While the cookies are baking, prepare the frosting. Follow a frosting recipe of your choice. My choice was to use the recipe on the C&H powdered sugar box. Use food coloring to make some of the frosting red or pink.


6. Frost Cookies 

Once the cookies have cooled, now comes the fun part…decorating the cookies! This is a great time to have your friends and family help out. Top the sweet treat with frosting, sprinkles, and valentines candy.


7. Enjoy! 

These cookies are the perfect sweet treat to share with your friends, family, and that special valentine.

Valentines Day Candles

My name is Kylie. I am 13 years old, homeschooled, and live with my family on our property in North Clark County. I’m on a competitive rifle team and will be traveling to Colorado Springs this April to compete, for the second time, in the National Junior Olympics. Art is a real passion for me, whether it be painting, drawing, photography, or music. My family raises both mastiffs and sheep. My dog and my lamb, Charlie, are my two favorite people in the world and you can’t argue with my logic. I’m extremely stubborn and will win.

Mason Jar and canning ring/lid
Votive candle(s)
Preference of filler (I used small glass rocks that you
can buy at the store, but you could use sand, Epsom salt, or
cranberries for different themes and looks.)
Paint (optional)
Painter’s tape (optional)

For the top you could either use some ribbon to tie it off with, or you could use a square of fabric to make a cute lid. This is a super cute, fun, and easy project to do. You can reuse the jars once your candle is melted and make great gifts for any holiday. It cost me about $5-8 to buy everything I needed for this project, but I already had paints and a jar that I didn’t need to purchase. Honestly, you could do as little or as much with this project as you want, depending on what look you are going for.

Step 1: To make a Valentine’s themed jar like I did, start by making a square strip of tape by taping 5 or 6 strips together.

Step 2: I wanted a heart on my candle, so I drew a heart on my piece of tape and cut it out. You could do any kind of design here for different holidays or events. You could do a star for Christmas, or just a circle for no particular occasion.

Step 3: Cut your shape out and stick it where you want your design to be on the jar. Make sure to smooth it down as tightly as possible to avoid getting paint under it (like I did).

Step 4: Choose you color of paint and paint the entire outside of the jar. I chose to go with a pink/white/grey theme for my jar, but you could also do red for Valentine’s Day.

Step 5: When your jar is dry, you can peel off the tape. I peeled mine off too soon and didn’t get it on tight enough, so the line on my jar wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked it. If this happens to you too, you can finish your design with a smaller paintbrush.

Step 6: Now you could go one of 2 ways with your project; you could tie off the top with a ribbon, or you could make a fabric lid. If you decide to go with the ribbon, just measure out how long you want it to be and tie it under the lip of the jar. If you decide to make the lid, cut out about a 4 ½ x 4 ½ inch square of fabric. I used a small-mouthed jar, but if you use a large-mouthed jar you may need to cut a larger square. Then, just place the square of fabric between the canning lid and the ring when you are finished.

Step 7: Now for the inside! Depending on what height you want your candle at, you may want to put more or lesser filler underneath it. I ended up putting about one layer of glass rocks in my jar before I set my candle in it. Then you can drop more filler in around the candle to hold it in place. The glass gems I used made the jar sparkle when the candle was lit and it looked beautiful!

valentines day

Step 8: If you decided to use a ribbon, I would suggest just sealing it with a plain canning lid and ring when not in use. I personally did not like how my candle jar looked with both the fabric lid and ribbon on it, but alone they both looked adorable. I also made another jar with my extra supplies that I only filled, made a lid, and put my candle in. I think they both turned out super cute and either could work for whatever you have in mind!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich, Shaped Like A Heart

My name is Ashlynn. I am a 13 year old homeschooler, and I absolutely love
photography (and food)! I love horse riding and have been riding for about 7 years. In my
free time I go bow hunting with my dad and grandpa and it’s always a lot of fun! I live on
a farm, and enjoy being outside with all my animals.

Who doesn’t love an ooy-goey peanut butter and jelly sandwich! But what makes this
scrumptious sandwich even better is when it’s shaped like a heart! It makes a great
valentine treat and is perfect for parties or just to pack in your everyday lunch.

To start out you are going to need any peanut butter of your choice, your favorite jelly,
and bread. For making my sandwich I used gluten free bread but you can use any kind
you like. You are also going to need a fairly large cookie cutter shaped like a heart.

Your first step is pretty straightforward, spread on your peanut butter! And the more peanut butter the better. The messier the sandwich, the better it will be!

Then go ahead and put on your jelly, and totally load on that jelly! When your done spreading, slap those bad boys together!

PicMonkey Collage

Yay! Now you’re done! Not quite, you still need it to look like a heart! Go ahead and get your cookie cutter and set it right on top of the sandwich, lining it up
in the middle the best you can. 

Press down the cookie cutter into the sandwich, and make sure that you got the heart pressed down evenly on all sides.

You should be able to then just pull off the excess sandwich around the heart. If its not really moving you might need to make sure you pushed down on your cookie cutter enough.

Usually there tends to be some little bits and pieces still hanging on to the sandwich, so you can just take a knife and cut around the outside of the heart and get rid of those clingy little suckers. Depending on the size of your bread slices and your cookie cutter you should end up with a decent amount of excess.

Gently slide off the cookie cutter without taking off either of the bread slices, and it should end up looking something like this when you are done. If its still not really looking like a heart you may need to go around with a knife and shape it a bit.

valentines day

Ta da! You now have a scrumptious valentine sandwich that tastes and looks great!

Pearler Bead Hearts

Hi! My name is Emma, my mom is Laurel. As long as I can remember my mom and I have cooked and done arts & crafts together. When my mom was in college she would sometimes take me to her art classes and let me work with her. I got to hang out with lots of different artists and it was a lot of fun.

I love to knit, crochet, make rubber band bracelets and lots of other crafts. I play the piano, clarinet, and my mom is teaching me guitar and flute. My favorite game is Minecraft, because you can create anything you want and the pigs are super cute.


Step One: Pull aside 81 red perler beads


Step Two: Put the red perler beads in a heart shape


Step Three: Place the wax paper over the heart

valentines day

Step Four: Iron for 30-60 seconds

Step Five: Let the piece cool for three minutes then enjoy!


St. Valentines  Stuffed Strawberries

My name is Julia. I am 17 years old and I am the second oldest of 5 kids. I like all things relating to architecture, home design, and photography. I have been home schooled my whole life and love to do school while snuggling with my Boston Terrier, George. My youngest brother Evan has Autism, and he is one of my favorite people to spend time with, and also one of my favorite photography subjects.


1⁄2 cup semi­chocolate chips
Nutella ( you can choose your filling)
Powdered sugar


Step 1. Wash as many strawberries as you need, then dry off well.


Step 2. Make a flat cut on the stem side.

step 3. Then take a knife and cut the middle of the strawberry out.


Step 4. Using a pipping bag (or a zip­lock bag with the tip cut off), squeeze your choice of filling into the strawberry. I used a hazelnut cheesecake spread I found at Safeway (next to the Nutella).

Step 5. Melt 1⁄2 cup of semi­chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl for 15 seconds at a time stirring in between until they are melted.

Step 6. For a thin drizzle, place the melted chocolate in a small zip lock bag, and cut a small hole in the tip and squeeze in a zigzag motion over the strawberries
valentines day

Step 7. Place the strawberries on a plate and sprinkle some power sugar over them


Step 8. ENJOY

Making A Pearler Bead Bee For Your Valentine

Hi! My name is Zoe. I am 13 years old and the oldest of five, with four younger brothers. I have 2 cats, Margot and Anouk, who will gladly snuggle up in your lap. Also 7 chickens and a few fish. I like anything to do with crafts, mainly knitting, sewing, and painting. I also like writing and swimming. I love traveling, especially to California. As well as venturing out into nature with my family and around town, locally. I’ve had fun photographing my favorite moments this season whilst learning how to use a camera properly. 


Step 1: You will need perler beads, a perler bead board in the correct size and shape for the project, tweezers, an iron, parchment paper, and scissors. 


Step 2: Use the tweezers to place the perler beads in specific pattern. 

valentines day

Step 3: Plug your iron in on the linen setting and cut out a square of parchment paper in the appropriate size whilst the iron is warming up. 


Step 4: Place the square of parchment paper on the bee, being careful not to know any beads out of place, then iron in circular motions. 


Step 5: As soon as your bee has cooled off, peel gently from the board. 


Step 6: Enjoy! These bees can be used for Valentines gifts. 


There you have it! Six beautiful tutorials! Don’t forget to leave some feedback. See you next time!