“Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles”
—Dragan Tapshanov

My apologies for being a day late! Thank you for being patient with me. Some things came up at work putting me behind schedule. I hope you’ve had a great week. It was nice seeing some of you on Thursday, and I look forward to seeing the rest of you this coming Thursday!

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

This week I want you guys to watch these two videos on aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Understanding these three settings can be very difficult, believe me. I was in your boat once too!

Video 1:

Video 2:


Photography is referred to as “painting with light”. Photographing shadows can be a huge challenge. The reason why, is because you have two light levels; the normal light and the shadow. Both require different exposures. This can be a challenge. Don’t trust your light meter. Your light meter may tell you to over-expose the photograph instead of allowing the shadow to remain dark. Look at the picture after you take it and decide if you need to change your settings.

cobblestone, street, road, sidewalk, people, pedestrians, walking, tables, chairs, restaurants, buildings, architecture, stores, city, urban, sunset, sunrise, shadows

pedestrian, walking, shadow, night, evening, street, road, pavement, city, people

eyeglasses, sunlight, shadows, dark, objects

pug, dog, pet, animals, shadow, looking

heart, hands, shadow, butterfly


WEEK 9 ASSIGNMENT #1 – Shadows


This week I want you to take your camera with you everywhere and photograph shadows! I asked you to do this in the past, but… this week (in my attempt to encourage you) I am going to do this assignment with you! At the end of the week, I will submit my images as one of your peers for you to critique! Don’t take a photo just for the sake of photographing a shadow. Think about composition, the elements of art or the message behind the image. 

I am looking for creativity with this assignment.

WEEK 9 ASSIGNMENT #2 – Studio Portraiture

Group #1 that met with me on 12/3/15. Send me your best portraits, from both of the lighting stations.



DUE: Friday December 11, 2015