“Gobble Gobble my photography friends, Gobble Gobble…”
—Mrs. Blow

Happy Thanksgiving! I want to take a moment to tell you all how grateful I am for you. It truly is my dream to inspire art in the community. Art is a major part of who I am. The growth I see in each of you puts a twinkle in my eye. Thank you so much, for this opportunity to be your instructor, friend, and mentor in your journey through photography!

Point of View

Art is the expression of creative human skill and imagination in visual form. Being a photographer, is not simply wielding a camera. Anyone can pick up a camera, point it at something and push a button. True photographers take this medium (The materials used to create a work of art. For example paint, charcoal, pencils, digital camera etc.) and use it to spark an emotion within the viewer. I may look at a photograph that moves me to tears with sadness, or I may see a photograph that I truly hate/dislike. Either way, it is a success! This is why I say that sometimes, fine art photography is not always pretty.

One way that you can spark your viewer’s interest and emotion, is with point of view. Point of view is the position which you capture your photograph. Every day, when you walk around, you see the world from your eyes at the same level. Most adults see the world from relatively the same point of view. 5-6 feet off the ground. Now… what would your mundane every day life look like if you were the size of a mouse?

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The photograph of this shoe makes me feel incredibly small and vulnerable. Both of these emotions are a result of this photograph. 

This image really distorts my perception of reality. Seems like the world is flipped on it’s side! Well, not exactly. The subjects have positioned themselves in the frame to support this, but it’s not the world flipped, just the camera’s point of view!

This photograph pulls me into Alice’s Wonderland. How often do we see the world from this point of view? A day in the life of a bug?

How do Lego Mini-figs see the world? The point of view of this photograph brings to life a lifeless object. This Lego mini-fig isn’t a real living person, but this photograph makes him seem like he is. How can you take a child’s toy and give it humanistic characteristics or living qualities using a camera?

WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT #1 – Point of View

(2-5 Strong Images)

You have 2 weeks to complete this assignment. I would like you to really push your creative side here. Show me an interesting point of view that I don’t see every day. Show me the world as your dog/cat see it, what your stuffed animal/toy does when no one is around, a world with turned gravity. Give me goggles that take me into a new world or reality. Allow to be someone/something else, to see through their eyes. Have fun with this assignment!

Remember to photograph on manual. Pay attention to the due date. I would like to print these before our next meeting.

WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT #2 – Thanksgiving

(1 Strong Image)

Submit your favorite Thanksgiving themed photograph!


DUE: Wednesday December 2, 2015