Wonderful work! You all are impressing me with exposure. Huge improvements this week! Don’t forget to ONLY shoot on Manual!


1. This week, instead of critiquing peer work, I would like you to comment on each of your own images, telling the group what your thought process was as you captured the image. For example, if your camera kept producing a dark image, you decided to slow down your shutter speed. There was quite a bit of light, and you could compensate for that using shutter speed. Or, maybe you were having difficulty deciding how to compose the shot, and after three tries you realized that the rule of thirds was the way to go. Tell us something, relevant to what we have learned in class, to help us better understand what was happening in your mind when you took this photograph.

2. Since we we don’t have class next week due to Thanksgiving break, I want you guys to go back into our past weeks images and leave comments/critiques there. You have learned so much in the past 7 weeks, and I think there are helpful observations (positive & negative) that we can make to each other and even ourselves. (3+ comments please)