Great work this week! I’m very pleased with the images I received. If this is what you guys are coming up with for week 2, then I’m excited to see what you are doing at the end of the year!

WEEK 2 Critique

Please take the time to view each of the images below. Once you have, I would like you to leave a short critique (see Week 3 – Instruction for more information about critique) for at least 3 of the images below (not your own).

  1. Please find an image that does NOT already have a comment. When you click on the image, there is an option below the image, to leave a comment.
  2. An acceptable critique looks like this: State 1 thing that “works” with this image, and state 1 thing (in your opinion) that would help improve it. BANNED WORDS: Like/Love!! Do not use the words like or love when giving a critique!
  3.  If your photograph is critiqued, it is important to remember not to take anything personally. Remember that high level seasoned photographers actively seek critique from their peers, even when it seems like the photograph couldn’t be any better… remember that it ALWAYS can be better. An artist’s work is never done!


Notice how the moving water looks different in each of these photographs depending on how fast or slow the shutter speed is.



Every single one of these were fascinating to me. All of them were interesting angles, perspectives, and points of view!