“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”
—Ansel Adams

Let’s just say that this week was a new world for me! Wow! I come to you this week as a Graphic Designer & Web Developer. So cool! I’m very excited about this new venture in my career! Our family is adjusting to this change. It will take some time, but we’re all excited for these new blessings in our life. God is good!

Over the next few months, we are going to start applying all the information I’ve taught you on a weekly basis, to large monthly projects. These will be the assignments that I can begin thinking about featuring your work in gallery shows. YAY! So, lets get started… Shall we?

Photo Essay

Photo essays are huge! They are growing more and more popular outside of fine art galleries. I see photo essays shared on social media all the time, and I’ve even seen them featured on news paper and magazine websites. It’s a great thing! A photo essay is a series of photographs complimented by a short textual article. Something to keep in mind here: usually when we see articles in the paper or a magazine, there is a heavy amount of text with an image or two to compliment the words you are reading. A photo essay is completely opposite, the artist photograph a series of images that tell a story or educate about a given topic, then they provide a short amount of text to compliment the images.

Here are some examples of photo essays. **Before viewing these articles, please let your parents know and have them supervise.** 

WEEK 14 – PROJECT #2 – Photo Essay Topic/Research

This week you are going to research photo essays, with your parent’s permission and guidance. The internet is a great resources of information, so is the library and used bookstores like Powel’s. Take advantage of this if you can. You may find some essays that truly speak to you! Comment below with one link to an online photo essay that stands out to you.

By next Thursday February 11th, 2016 (our next meeting date), you will tell me your topic. We will discuss your topics together as a group, and I will help you to tweak, brainstorm and develop a good plan! Do your research and really think about what you, as an individual can share with the world. You might live on farms, hunt, shoot guns, have family member with disabilities etc… These are all great topics to share with people! Please don’t over-stress this project. It can be fun, weird, beautiful, sad, upsetting, etc… We will discuss this more next week though!