“Less is more.”
—Mies Van Der Rohe

I can’t believe how quickly this class is moving by! You guys are learning so much. It’s exciting to see it in your work! This week, since I know you are finishing up your Valentine’s day tutorials for Project #1, I am going to keep this lesson short and simple, with a topic that ironically correlates with simple.


Whenever I talk to people about minimalism… they are either super excited about it, or they hate it! There is no in-between. I am the “super excited about it” person. Minimalism makes my brain happy. It’s clean, simple and forces your mind to focus on the minute details in life that tend to get overlooked by the business of the world around us. If the idea of sitting in an empty room with only one chair and a lamp sounds soothing to you… you might enjoy minimalism too!

Over the years, our society has become more and more flooded with images and advertisements, and the average person has more and more possessions piled into their homes then ever before! Visually we are over stimulated with the whole world at our finger tips (cell phones). Minimalism, gives your brain a moment to stop, and admire the beauty of simplicity.

Sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy how visually “quite” the image is.

WEEK 12 – The Minimalist Challenge (optional)

You have a lot on your plate this week, as you finish up your Project #1. If you are able to, find and photograph one of your own minimalist photographs. This is an optional assignment, but outstanding for a portfolio!


DUE: Thursday February 04, 2016



WEEK 12 Project#1 – Cont.

Now that your photographs are completed, you need to begin writing the steps that go with your work, and a short bio about yourself (1 sentence to 1 paragraph). These are due by email Thursday February 4th. If your “How To” article includes a recipe, make sure you include that as well (type or scan). Anything your write needs to be approved and reviewed by your parents.

If you have not already, get your parents to read, fill out, and sign the permission slip. You can scan and email it or bring it with you before Thursday February 4th.

Permission Slip & Photographic Release


DUE: Thursday February 4, 2016

Via Email: Littlemama327@gmail.com