Dad's Blueberry Pie
valentines day 2016
baked spinach and egg

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quick cinnamon rolls
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Damien Feature

Damien’s Chiari Malformation Story

Damien Nickname: Possum Birthday: 11/10/2006 Date of Decompression Surgery: 9/23/2012 Damien's Facebook Page If you would like to order a Damien Chiari Doll to help support the Little Warriors, send me an email! An interview with Damien's Mom Favorites: Damien loves pizza and tacos. His favorite color is red, and Batman is his hero. He loves Legos, Hot Wheels, and his favorite animal is his service dog Dixie. Special Moment: One of my favorite moments was after Damien had his second decompression surgery. He wouldn't even get out of bed, so the doctor had Batman come every day to get ...
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Status Updates:

Happy Father's Day all you dads out there! Here is a one-of-a-kind piece of toddler art for our favorite dad! ...
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You know you are loved, when you get Torch & Ramekins for your Birthday! <3 Loved ...
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...because it's the Northwest, and the sun is out 😉 ...
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